Telegraph Pass Hike at South Mountain


Telegraph Pass 2

The Telegraph Pass Trail on South Mountain is on the Ahwatukee side (not too far out of the way from major roads) and can get really popular during the months with nice weather.  Thankfully, the city finally expanded the parking lot so as long as you get there before 8am, you should be able to get a (free) parking spot.  Most sites I check rate it as a beginner to intermediate trail and it is a little over 2 miles long roundtrip.

The trail starts out with a wide paved path that ends at a helicopter pad after about a half mile.  From there, you have 2 choices: either follow the long, easy National Trail or the shorter and more challenging Telegraph Pass Trail.  Shortly after pavement ends (about 1/4 mile) you can find some awesome petroglyphs left by the Hohokam Indians.  There is only a 529 foot elevation gain but it happens relatively quickly so it can be challenging if you haven’t climbed any hills lately.  You reach the top after 1.15 miles which meets a road.  If you want to get the views but aren’t up for the climb, you can follow the road to the top but I recommend hiking it 😉

You don’t have to end your hike at the road because there are several trail options that are an easy reach from the end of Telegraph Pass.  You can also hang out on the bench there and soak up the view.  I find that it calms the soul.  I hope you get a chance to check it out!

You can find detailed hike information here


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