Food Discoveries


My latest food and recipe discoveries that are keeping me excited about trying new healthy things are below:Food Discoveries

  • Lara Bars – I love that these bars are clean eating (no added sugar, no preservatives, non GMO), just fruit and nuts.  I was a little apprehensive to try them because they have dates and I wasn’t sure how good just dates and nuts would be.  Glad I got over that!  They are so good and my kiddos love them too!  Cherry Pie is my favorite so far but we still have a few more flavors to try.
  • PB2 – Who knew that powdered peanut butter could be so awesome?  I have been seeing a lot about PB2 on other blogs and Pinterest so I figured it was time to see what all the fuss is about.   It has 85% less calories and fat than regular peanut better so I got the regular and Chocolate versions.  I have seen a bunch of smoothie recipes but my first foray was something to kill my sweet tooth.  All I did was add 6 teaspoons of the Chocolate PB2 to a tub of Cool Whip, pipe into cupcake liners, and freeze it.  Tastes just like Peanut Butter Cups!  I have also used the regular version (1 tbsp PB2, 2 tbsp water) with an apple for an awesome snack.  I am loving this so far and am looking forward to finding more ways to use it!
  • Ezekiel Bread – This is a bread with a low glycemic index to help with those blood sugar spikes that usually come along with eating the carbs.  It helps so I don’t cut out bread completely because I love bread.  I took me awhile to figure out where to find it though.  Turns out, it is in the freezer of the health food section because it doesn’t have any preservatives.
  • Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas – It was good but the recipe made way more than I anticipated.  I would probably cut it in half next time unless I’m feeding a crowd.
  • Raspberry Zinger Energy Bites –  I swapped out the almonds for chia seeds and it was tasty.  Although I do need to look into a better blender/food processor.
  • Orange Honey Rainbow Fruit Salad – Light, refreshing, and beautifully colorful.  Great for spring/summer get togethers.

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