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I am always amazed and overwhelmed by everything I “should” be doing to live a healthier life.  The health and fitness field is rife with charlatans and snake-oil salesmen (How old does that make me sound?  HA!) so I always find myself trying to discern what I should incorporate into my lifestyle and what I should stay very far away from or just ignore.  Well, turns out that this guy has done a lot of it already!  I heard about this book “Drop Dead Healthy” by AJ Jacobs where the author spends almost 2 years of his life trying be as healthy as humanly possible.  Following medical, scientific, and sometimes unproven techniques to better all areas of his body and mind.  This is the same guy that spent a year of his life living biblically…literally, which he wrote another book about.  The best part is that the author has a sense humor about it all I thought it would be interesting to see what he does and tries.

In working to become happier, I wanted to start reading more often and this was a good place to start.  It has taken me awhile to finish the book because the only time I find to read is while I am waiting on my daughter to finish her one-a-week dance or sport class.  Overall, it was an entertaining read but I decided that I won’t be making the same attempt at being the healthiest person ever.  However, I did end up start doing a few things that had fallen off my radar like putting on sunscreen everyday, if only for my face.  The book doesn’t read as a how-to guide on becoming the picture of health but it does explore many different options for all different areas ranging from treadmill desks and wearing a helmet everywhere to Caveman workouts and eating with a tiny fork that you carry with you (encourages mindful eating).  There are so many crazy ways to become “healthy” and I am now more encouraged just to find what works for me and definitely not go overboard.  Moderation is a good thing 🙂

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  1. Aunt Patty on

    Moderation, in ALL things, is a very good thing. You are on the path and wiser than you know. Trust your instincts and keep on putting one foot in front of the other (literally and figuratively). ❤️

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