New Toys

  • Vivoactive HR – My poor Vivofit activity tracker has been through the wringer with me (I am not gentle and wear it all the time) and it came time to replace it.  Vivofit HR to the rescue!  The thing I was most excited about with this activity tracker is the fact that there is wrist heart rate built right in!  No more need for the HR chest strap.  I always had an issue with my sports bra slipping between the strap and my skin which broke the contact.  I would only get my heart rate for a little while in the beginning of an activity and then lose it.  This tracker has more features and functionality which helps me progress and even gives me a reason to try new things.  I saw that there is an option for tracking Stand Up Paddleboarding which mean I have to try it!  The more I discover the features and use them, the more I like it!

***Disclaimer: I am a Garmin employee and my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the company.

  • Gear Beast Running Belt – It’s not a fanny pack!  Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.  I needed something to hold my keys and phone during outdoor runs and at the gym.  I have an arm band but it doesn’t accommodate my keys and it wouldn’t stay in one place on my arm.  It was a battle during each run.  I decided to try an expandable running belt I saw on Groupon.  I didn’t have high hopes for it staying put with minimal bounce but I was pleasantly surprised.   So far so good!
  • Body Combat – Now this isn’t exactly a toy, it is more like a new game.  I have started taking Body Combat classes at my gym which are part of the Les Mills series of fitness classes.  They use mixed martial arts set to music in a format similar to Zumba (but I hate Zumba).  This class is SO hard but worth it because it makes me feel like a badass!  I burn about 600 calories in an hour long class.  Nothing like getting out your frustrations by punching and kicking them out.  I truly am a nicer person for the rest of the day.



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