Eating on the Run


As ideal as it may be to make all of your food and eat at home, life happens and sometimes you just have to eat on the run.  I have figured out that I can find something to eat anywhere with a little Nutrition Facts research and compromise.  Below is a short list of some of my fast food favorites that help keep me on track.

My Go-To Fast Food Meals

  • Wendy’s – Small Chili and a Side Salad with Ranch (370 cal, 19g protein) or Power Mediterranean Salad (450 cal, 40g protein)
  • McDonald’s – Egg McMuffin (290 cal, 17g protein) or Regular Hamburger and Side Salad with Ranch Dressing (400 cal, 13g protein)
  • In N Out – Double Burger, Protein-Style (300 cal, 25g protein)
  • Dunkin Donuts – Turkey Sausage Wake Up Wrap, Med Iced Coffee with Almond Milk (300 cal, 17g protein)
  • Taco Bell – Fresco Soft Taco Shredded Chicken x 2  (280 cal, 20g protein)
  • Cafe Rio – Pulled Chicken Tostada – No cheese or rice.  I don’t eat the tostada which seems silly but it is basically the equivalent of their salad, just less expensive.  (405 cal, 24g protein)
  • Chick Fil-A – Grilled Nuggets 12ct with a Fruit Cup (280 cal, 35g protein) or Grilled Market Salad (320 cal, 26g protein)
  • Subway – Oven Roasted Chicken on Flatbread (420 cal, 25g protein) but there are lots of options here too
  • Panda Express – 1 item bowl, Veggies instead of rice with either Broccoli Beef or Mushroom Chicken for the entree (310 cal, 17g protein)
  • Paradise Bakery – Almost any of the half salads work for my goals.
  • Jimmy John’s – I just found out a secret that you can ask them to take the bread out of any of the sandwiches which means that they will take the extra bread out of the top to any of their sandwiches.  A little trick to cut back on carbs/calories while still enjoying one of their tasty offerings.  They will also wrap it in lettuce instead of bread if you ask.  I always make sure that I only eat about half of a sandwich though because they have a high calorie count.

I have found that making better decisions while on the go has become easier mainly because the things I like have changed to the foods that are better for me.  Sometimes I still might crave a Big Mac but I have found that if I give in and get one, I actually feel terrible afterwards.  So if I focus on how the food will make me feel afterwards, sometimes I can curb those cravings.  Key word is “sometimes” 😉


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