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I attended a Meditation and Mindfulness lecture series (4 classes over 4 weeks) and came away with a new view on this topic.  I honestly didn’t think meditation was for me until taking this series and realizing that I do it already (talk about an embarrassing realization!).  I always thought meditation was this esoteric, spiritual or other-worldly, elevated conciousness achieved through a type of directed thought but I never really looked into it.  The definition provided in this lecture was simple.  Meditation is just a few minutes of uninterrupted silence each day.  It has 3 parts: breathing, relaxation, and detachment.  If a thought comes into your mind, just let it pass through instead of keeping it or ruminating.

Turns out that using the definition given in this series, that I already meditate through/during practicing yoga and definitely feel some of the benefits which have been shown to include:

  • Lowers blood pressure                      – Decreases stress hormones
  • Reduces Anxiety                                 – Increases beneficial hormones
  • Alleviates Depression                        – Enhances immune system
  • Diminishes sleep problems

It is really weird to discover that you like something that you thought you hated.

A few other great takeaways from the series for me were the following quote:

It’s not the situation, circumstance or person that causes you stress.  It’s how you THINK about it that causes stress.

Also, she recommended a few resources:

  • Honest Guys Meditation App – If you are offended easily, this may not be the right app for you.  This guy provides guided meditations that are funny, don’t mince words, and help with everyday life.
  • 10% Happier App and there is also a book by the same name
  • Live Happy

There are lots of guided meditations available for free on youtube so if your interest is peaked, maybe give it a try.  Just start with 1 minute uninterrupted silence.  It’s harder than it sounds but I have found that it does make a difference.


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  1. I started meditating in the late 70’s. I’ve noticed over the years that in addition to the calming effects it helps your mind assist you in making decisions and solving problems. Somehow by not focusing on them your mind works more efficiently. The hardest part of mediation for me is finding the time for it.

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